Saturday, August 16, 2014

A Few Quick Notes 613

-Much to my surprise, we've had a few grey days in the past few weeks.  Maybe even more troubling, these grey days (as well as some of the non-grey days) have been rather humid (though not quite New York/Ottawa humid).  In any event, the temperatures have felt very summery (though that may just be the humidity speaking (as it's supposedly only 19 today and it feels borderline miserable).

-Last Friday night we experienced one of the most impressive lightning shows I've seen in my life.

[Embedded video]

For several hours there were near constant lightning strikes lighting the sky.  For the first while there wasn't even any rain or wind where we were.  If you watch the above video you should be able to hear when the rain and wind really started.  It eventually became much more intense and several nearby areas are still cleaning up from the damage caused by the storm.

-Apparently I haven't been very good at keeping this up to date recently.  Not entirely sure what's up with that but it certainly my plan to improve.

-I knew I didn't sleep well last night, but I was still surprised when all of us (Jeannette, the cats, and I) fell asleep in the living room for three hours (well, Pierre and I fell asleep for three hours - the ladies were still sleeping when we left).  Now that I've had that rather long nap I'm feeling much more refreshed.

-I guess now that I'm so refreshed I should consider tackling a laundry folding project I've been putting off for some time?

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