Friday, November 28, 2014

New Garage Door Day

Even when we moved in to our house just under two years ago our garage door didn't shut properly (our neighbour later told us that it hadn't shut properly in the twenty years he's been living nextdoor).  As we didn't plan on storing our regular sized car in our small garage this wasn't initially a problem. 

The issue came to a head this summer when one of the mechanisms that held on side of the door became detached from the garage structure. I reattached the arm briefly but the old rotten wood just could not withstand the preassure of the spring loaded door mechanism (and another neighbour hinted that this kind if opener may no longer be considered safe). 

So once we finally realized that our garage door was no longer moveable (it could stay in either the open or closed position but not move between the two) we agreed to buy a replacement door. Because we don't plan on using the garage as a garage we went for the cheapest uninsulated garage-openerless door we could find. 

We eventually lucked into a sale and managed to find what we were looking for for only a few hundred dollars (installation included). The only downside was that they did not have the door in stock and once it arrived we would have to fit ourselves into the installer's schedule. 

So now, over two months after we originally ordered the door, it is being installed. Unfortunately for the installer it is snowing steadily. The only good news for him is that it is a small, light, opener-less door. He isn't expecting it to be a long job. 

That said, I'm quite excited to see the finished product after this long wait. 

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