Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's still snowing

Though there may have been intermittent short breaks, it has more-or-less been snowing since before I woke up yesterday morning.  Not only has this meant that my attempts at shovelling were a little less long-lived than I would have hoped, but that I'm witnessing the most substantial snowfall to occur since I moved to Regina.

This may be somewhat surprising for some of you given the reputation for putting on a good winter that Regina has.

It seems rather than having large snowfalls each winter, Regina secures it's "Winter Wonderland" status by having a number of smaller snowfalls that just don't melt until the spring.

Yes, it's entirely possible that the base layer of snow that's been deposited this weekend will actually be around until May (only March if we're lucky).  Of course, by the time things start to melt it's likely that several more dumps will have been piled on top, helping to ensure the longevity of the initial dump.

Because we've spent the past weeks in Regina and watched the temperatures and their steady downward trajectory none of these developments are particularly surprising.  What is much more surprising to me are the photos of the rest of Canada that seem to suggest that large swaths of the country may only be experience fall-like conditions.

Regina, quickly and silently, has tricked me into considering November a wintery month.

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