Sunday, September 14, 2014

A Few Quick Notes 615

-After several cold and grey days today was a pleasant change of pace.  Eventually it was even warm enough that we needed to use the AC in our car.  Of course, even this high wasn't particularly high and was certainly no where near the low 20s that were in the forecast a few days ago.

-Yesterday afternoon we tuned into the livestream of the PC convention in Newfoundland once we learned that the virtual tie on the second ballot was forcing a do-over/third ballot.  Not only was it great to see all kinds of people I know (i.e. friends, former profs, former co-workers, and friends of my parents), but it was also neat to watch an entirely unscripted television event.  Neither the viewer nor the producers knew what was going to happen and it was exciting.

-For some reason I recently remembered the idea of mushroom barley soup.  This morning I started preparing a batch that we could have for lunch.  Wow, that was tasty.  I'm not quite sure why we haven't been making more of this stuff.

-I saw diagram outlining the ideal viewing areas for the recent Northern Lights eruption and it seems that Saskatchewan was one of the worst viewing locations.  I guess now I don't feel so bad that we didn't try to wait for the clouds to clear.  Hopefully we'll get another chance soon.

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