Saturday, December 13, 2014

High points of the Canadian entertainment scene

Though we normally live a relatively quiet life, for the past week I have really been hitting the town in an attempt to up my Can-con street cred.

Last Sunday Jeannette and I attended a screening of the made-in-Saskatchewan movie Corner Gas: The Movie (obviously a spin-off from the similarly named TV show Corner Gas).  Though ravaged by a Globe and Mail review (that hardly discussed the movie), Jeannette and I both enjoyed the experience and thought the movie was pretty much what you would expect from a TV to movie translation of the show.

On Tuesday Jeannette and I attended the annual Vinyl Cafe Christmas show (an event we also attended last year).  This is the third time I've attended a Vinyl Cafe live show and the third time I have enjoyed the performance.

On Thursday a friend was kind enough to invite me to the Regina stop of the Trailer Park Boys Christmas tour.  Though not the greatest theatrical event of the year, it was nice to see Ricky, Julian, and Randy in person (while living in Halifax Mr. Lahey could routinely be spotted near our apartment and Bubbles could be seen at Bubbles' Mansion events - like the shopping car race we once happened upon).

[Embedded video]

This weekend, if I can get my act together, I hope to catch one of the Cirque du Soleil shows happening in Regina.  Because of Jeannette's clown phobia there's no way I'll convince her to attend and as I haven't made any attempts to find someone else to attend with if I do end up going I think it will have to be alone.

And if I really wanted to 'do it all' I could also attend the upcoming Tom Jackson Huron Carole event (though at this point it seems very unlikely that I will be going this far in a quest to consume as much Can-con as possible).

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