Tuesday, February 02, 2016

And you thought I forgot

Nope, I was just delayed - I wouldn't dare forget the most anticipated event Montifax's calendar, the annual blog-off.

As usual, I plan on entering this year's competition with the understanding that I'll have to put up a fight (as unlikely as that is).

Anyway, can't wait to get going.

Because I'm a generous guy looking for a little bit of competition I'll spot Neil 15 points per post while I'll only take one per post.  If I get any uptake this should make for a close race.

Cameron - 1
Neil - 0


Uncle Mac said...

I, like no doubt a plethora of readers, look forward to this year's blog-off.

Highland Parker from birth - 1950 said...

It is starting to look as though the 2018 blog-off has been cancelled for lack of interest on the part of the competitors.