Sunday, July 21, 2013

Power outages and thunderstorms

For the past few days Regina has been hit with a number of thunderstorms and power outages.

The storms, though one of them did come with pea sized hail, haven't been particularly bad or lead to much damage.  Of course, the fact that they seem to be happening about once a day does mean that they're still quite annoying.

The power outages also seem to be equally frequent.  Yesterday out part of town was hit with a strange mild-weather power outage that lasted a few hours.  This morning much of the eastern portion of the city was also hit with a several hour power outage (and I think that all started before either of this morning's two thundershowers).

[Embedded video]

And it wouldn't really be a storm if I didn't at least try to catch some of it on time-lapse (and this time I was successful in capturing the entire first round).

In case you're curious, when I moved to the prairies I didn't expect to experience quite as many rain related weather events, nor as many power outages.

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