Sunday, February 02, 2014

A Few Quick Notes 606

-We seem to be in the middle of a multi-day run of temperatures hovering between -14 and -22, and, strangely, the skies are a little more overcast that usual.  Though we've had a few flurries we haven't had any real accumulation in weeks.

-Jeannette's in Kelowna visiting family so I've had a relatively low-key, laundry-based weekend.  Unfortunately, our drier hasn't been drying the laundry as effectively as it should be.  I've done a fair bit of trouble-shooting and I'm still no closer to the truth.  Bummer.

-Unless my evening takes a very unexpected turn for the absurd I don't think I'll be watching this evening's Super Bowl.

-While I don't plan on watching the Super Bowl I have been thinking about the scheduling of the event.  If they determined the two participating teams weeks ago why are they only playing the game now.  Wouldn't it make more sense to play the game the week after the teams have been determined?  I guess expecting sense from a sporting event many people watch for the ads or musical performances might be a bit much.

Cameron - 3
Neil - 0

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