Sunday, September 27, 2015

A pretty successful summer

With the addition of our fourth raised bed (and the subsequent addition of our stone paths) our vegetable garden has really started to produce rather substantial quantities of vegetables, particularly potatoes and celery. Oh, and kale and spinach.

Starting in July our harvests started becoming pretty regular.

And gradually began into include a few potatoes.

And eventually grew to include carrots and tomatoes.

Finally, a few days ago we pulled up most of the remaining potatoes.

We also managed to collect a few squash and peppers.  Sadly, neither of these to types were particularly productive this year.

The good news is that after another year we've learned a little more about what works and what doesn't work.

Carrots, the non-stubby varieties, actually work quite well.  Next year we'll try to grow quite a few more than we did this year.

Tomatoes, even only four plants, can be incredibly productive.  Fortunately, Jeannette has started making her own sauce so this overabundance will not go to waste.  Now that we have a better approach to dealing with the crop we probably won't have to worry about having too many tomatoes.  Also, smaller cherry-like tomatoes seem to do much better than larger tomatoes (and are preferred by Jeannette).

Potatoes are easy and productive and one needn't wait until the end of the season to begin harvesting.  By gradually taking a few potatoes at a time, as needed, we didn't have to worry about storing many pounds of potatoes and either having no potatoes or all of the potatoes.  If anything, I think we may be inclined to go pretty heavy on the potatoes again next year.

Squash just hasn't been worth the space.  We dedicated 1/4 of our space to squash growth and ended up with one fully ripe spaghetti squash and a few smaller unripe spaghetti squashes.  Next year we're not going to waste our time with squash.

Spinach, kale, and celery are great season long producers.  In all cases I think we had pretty good numbers of plants to allow for outputs that we could consume without having to worry about spoilage.

My attempt to grow romaine lettuce was a failure.  As I'm not really all that much of a lettuce eater I think I'll give this a skip next year and focus on foods I really like.

Peppers are definitely a little hit and miss.  Most of our plants produced at least a single edible pepper, but many only produced a single edible pepper.  Our small chili pepper plant, on the other hand, has been producing chili peppers for months.  Next year we should just stick to this one type of pepper plant (as we've now had two consecutive years of success with this type of plant).

And while we're not quite done with this year's harvest I think it's pretty clear that we're already looking ahead to next year.  With a little luck, we may even to break even on our vegetable plot investment by next year (though that may require some real luck).

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