Sunday, September 27, 2015

Three years

It's been almost three years since Jeannette and I moved to Regina (one month shy of three years if you want to be precise).  Of course, we moved to Regina because I accepted a job that was based here.  Fortunately, since we moved here Jeannette, who was originally working from home for her Ottawa-based employer, has also found a great job in her preferred field.

Now, almost three years later, I've accepted another job.  The new job, which I start on Thursday, is also in Regina.  This time, though rather than being in a library, it is a policy analysis position.

Because when I accepted my first job in Regina I expected to be with that employer for the foreseeable future I have had to come to terms with that reality not really coming to pass.  Instead, I'm leaving the position less than three years after arriving (and it feels as though I just arrived).  Though the change is happening in just a few days it still feels a little unreal.

Maybe more significant change than simply changing employers is that the nature of my work is about to change rather dramatically.  Perhaps not surprisingly, I expect that in this policy analysis role I'll have to do a fair bit more analytical writing than I do than in my current position.  Of course, this feature of the job is something that attracted me to the position in the first place.

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Greg said...

the next move should be back to NL