Tuesday, November 03, 2015

A Few Quick Notes - 626

-It seems we've finally begun to move towards late Fall and then Winter.  A few days ago we had our first flurries of the season and we've not had a real snowfall enter the forecast (though I'm not completely convinced it will materialize).

-I guess that means it's finally time to start thinking about putting the snow back on the car?  It feels as though we only took them off a few weeks ago.  Bummer.

-Much to our surprise we ended up with about 72 Trick or Treaters by the time we made our way across town for a party.  Had we stayed we surely could have broken 80 as the streets were still teeming as we pulled out of the driveway.  At least from the candy perspective it was good we left when we did - we were basically on empty.

-As we spoke to a neighbour and her son just before we left we were informed that one of our other neighbours (on the de classe side of the street which isn't technically even on our street) was jumping out and chasing kids with a real chain saw.  Maybe this had a negative impact on our numbers?

-To attend our Halloween party I dressed as a Saturday morning hockey Dad.  Of course, because I have no idea what a Saturday morning hockey dad really looks like I just wore my paint and tar stained jeans (they're my only jeans), a tee shirt, a flannel jacket/overshirt, and a toque.  Of course, I also grabbed the largest size coffee available from Canada's favoured coffee retailer.  I'm not really sure if I looked like a hockey dad at all, but at least I got to look like a dirt bag for a bunch of uncostumed people at the party.

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