Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Biggish Dig - 1

One of the most prominent intersections in Regina is where Albert Street and Victoria Avenue cross.  Not only is this intersection significant because it is the meeting point of two of Regina's most important thoroughfares, but also because it, more or less, marks the centre of the city.

Since before we moved to Regina in late 2012 this intersection has been notable for another reason, one having nothing to do with its significance as the meeting place of Regina's major north/south and east/west routes, but that for years one corner of this intersection has been nothing but a vacant lot.

Of course, for years there was talk of a major condo/hotel development.

For years nothing happened.

Eventually they swapped out the old fence surrounding the site for a new see-through fence.


Then in September it was announced that in October real would start on the development.  Finally.

Of course, the real work wasn't scheduled to begin until after Thanksgiving.

When a single backhoe and dump truck showed up and seemed to move some old pavement around for a few days I wasn't particularly convinced the project was really a go.

Of course, after quite a number of days of similar action/equipment my hopes weren't much lifted.

Eventually, in time for the October 28, 2015 photo op this pile driver was delivered.  Aside from its use as a backdrop for the photo op I don't get the sense that this has done anything much yet.  And as my understanding of piles is that they aren't driven until excavation has been done, that six levels of parking excavation are still incomplete/not started I can't see how this thing is going to be of much use for the next few months.

Of course, it wasn't until yesterday/today that I've really started to have any faith that the project is really going to move forward.  Finally, for as far as I can tell, the first time obvious attempts at excavation were in the works.

Of course, what this excavation seems to show is that the hotel that was previously on this site was only partially demolished.  The top was knocked down while the foundation was left to rot/be dug out years later.  Now that I see how much demolition is still required before true excavation can start I am worried that much progress will be made before Winter sets in.

Of course, one of the real reasons I'm particularly interested in this construction site has nothing to do with the significance of the intersection or it's impact on the re-development of downtown Regina - but because my new job is located in the building next to the construction site.  

Days after I arrived is when they years delayed project finally started.

Even though we're only a few days into real work transpiring the sidewalk I pass along to get to work is already covered with mud - a problem that is only likely to grow worse with continued excavation.

So I guess at the heart of it I'm really just another NIMBYer, or at least a LMSTPPACSWRINer (Let's Make Sure This Project Proceeds According to Code and Schedule and With Respect for Its Neighbours).

I'll do my best to keep you updated until this whole thing is complete, which should be some time in 2018.

Hooray for timing!

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