Monday, May 06, 2013

Obligatory cute kitten vid

So a few weeks ago Jeannette made it very clear that she wanted a kitten, and that she wanted this kitten sooner rather than later.  While I was very disinclined to acquire a kitten, I was eventually talked into the proposition.

Of course, even though I'd agreed to the idea of a kitty I hoped that I might be able to talk Jeannette into holding off on the whole thing for a few weeks/forever.

Not surprisingly, I was wrong about my powers of persuasion and about two weeks ago Jeannette found a pound kitty that she immediately liked.  The next day I was dragged kicking and screaming to visit the prospective kitty.

As Jeannette promised, the kitty (already named Marie) was incredibly cuddly and not the least bit scrobby.  We then made arrangements to acquire the cat as soon as the required medical procedures were completed.

And after a nine day wait this afternoon we learned that as of this afternoon the wait was up - Marie was ready to be picked up.  And unbeknowst to me Marie was already at home by the time I returned from work.

Anyway, one aspect of kitty ownership that I was promised if we got a kitty was that I could make all kinds of hit internet vids.  So here goes nothing - here's my first attempt at kitty based internet superstardom (or at least kitty based hit internet vids that do well enough to pay for a new bathroom/baby needs new shoes/$3).

[Embedded video]

I presume that kitty vid was every bit as cute and as good as you expected?

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