Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Ok, I get the message... don't want to see pics of dead birds.

What about live birds?

I saw this duck on my way home and I have no idea what kind of duck it is.  Any guesses?

Oh, and I also saw a dead fish on my way to work.

And then this one on the way home.

Do you think that they might actually be the same dead fish just in different locations?

Oh, and because I just uploaded it I might as well post Jeannette's Marie vid from today (and in you've noticed, I'm definitely having issues with the vid I thought I loaded last night).  This video was made because I claimed that I hadn't seen Marie fall asleep, despite that every time Jeannette turns around Marie seems to be asleep.

[Embedded video]


Kathy said...

I think you might have a western grebe in the first photo.

Rebecca said...

Your best kitty video yet!