Saturday, January 31, 2015


For approximately the past 2 years we've had cats.  First came Marie and then a few months later she was joined by Pierre.

Though I've basically gotten used to their presence, there are still moments when they surprise me.

Then there are moments when I forget about them trying to climb into drawers or knock things off of ledges to get our attention.

Of course, it's still hard to come to terms with the idea of having several animals loose in our house.  It still just seems a little weird.

A consequence of their arrival, to which I hope I never become accustomed, is the presence of their hair on just about everything.  It's incredible how much of this stuff exists just about everywhere.  Maybe even more infuriating is that whenever clean up attempts are made hair can be found in the cleaned areas just moments later.

In an attempt to combat this longstanding frustration about two weeks ago we purchased a pet Roomba to somewhat passively and regularly clean the main floor of our house.

When we first ran it we were disgusted to see how much hair and dust we picked up - the hopper was completely full.  Since we've had the device we've run it at least once a day - sometimes twice - and we're always amazed to see how much cat hair we manage to collect.  While the hopper is no longer packed after each session, it's still regularly about 50% full.

So anyway - cats...

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