Saturday, January 24, 2015

Sleeping skills

For as long as I can remember I have thought of sleeping as a low risk and low skill activity. Over the past ten or so days my sense of sleeping is beginning to change. 

About ten days I woke up with a rather intense pain in my shoulder, which I originally attributes to a poor sleeping position. As pain wore in over the next few days and even grew in intensity I began to fear that my original diagnosis may have been a little off. 

Fortunately, Jeannette recommended a topical patch and the pain cleared up overnight. Though, given that this was like nothing I had ever experienced as a result of a poor sleeping position I was still a little unsure about the cause. 

Fortunately or unfortunately, last night, just minutes after going to bed, I noticed that what I had taken to be a rather normal sleeping position (on my side with a pillow under my head) had triggered the same sensation I'd just gotten over. Bummer. 

Now that it's the next morning my neck feels as bad as it did days ago, though at least I feel quite comfortable that this has all been triggered by bad sleeping position choices I've made. 

Presumably, now that I know the risks that come with certain positions, I will have to be much more careful about chosing such positions in the future (and as some other positions have occasionally lead to snoring) the number of options is quickly diminishing. So now I am definitely in a position where an absence of skill will certainly increase my risk of injury. Who know an activity as seemingly mundane as sleeping could lead to such challenges?

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