Sunday, February 08, 2015

An easy way to spend an evening

Several years ago I received a dollar store laser pointer as Christmas or Easter stocking-stuffer type gift.  Since receiving this item I haven't had a reason to use it so I have kept it in its original packing and moved it from residence to residence waiting for a justification to open it.

For some reason, though I've long known that laser pointers are the toy equivalent of catnip for cats, I didn't ever think to open it and use it with our cats.

Finally, last night I opened it up and immediately was able to confirm that our cats, like so many other cats, love following the little red dot around the floor and walls.  They go crazy for it.

Of course, I was mindful enough to snag a few hot vids of the action.

[Embedded video]

After a break so that the exhausted kitties could rest, they were happy to be back for more.

[Embedded video]

And more.

[Embedded video]

And even more (unfilmed) this morning.

Cameron - 7
Neil - 0

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