Saturday, February 07, 2015

It never ends (but at least we now have something shiny)

The previous owners of our house, the adult son and daughter of the previous resident, were very much unlike people one is often warned about when buying a house.  They were both quite open about the work it would take to maintain the house as well as many of the problems they knew to exist - and they definitely didn't sugar-coat anything.  One of the things they mentioned, and that we've since been able to confirm, is that the people they hired to re-enamel the bathtub didn't do a very good job.

Soon after we moved in the new coating began to peel from the side of the tube.  As is common with these things, the area began to grow and grow.  Eventually a second location began to peel.  Eventually, each bath would lead to several square inches of peeling.

It became clear that a new re-surfacing was in our future.  Of course, given the life-span of the last refinishing I wasn't too keen on rushing into another round if it was not going to even last 2 years.

Fortunately, we learned that the previous re-surfacing was done by a fly-by-night operator and not the main re-surfacing company in Regina.  The main company in Regina has a reputation for good workmanship and has resurfaced the bathtubs of friends in the neighbourhood.

So yesterday, after 2 years of an ever worsening bathtub we had it resurfaced again.  Amazingly, the whole process - including stripping - only takes the better part of a work day.  So now that we've let it dry overnight we should be ready to use it at any point today.  

I can't wait to test it out later today.

Cameron - 4
Neil - 0

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