Saturday, February 14, 2015

New phone day

Yesterday, after almost three years of the same phones, Jeannette and I upgraded our cell phones.

Initially, I was thinking that for this upgrade iteration I would switch to an Android phone (not that I am altogether an Android fan).  Thanks to Jeannette's desire to maintain the same brand, a desire on my part that we have the same hardware, an appreciation of the advantages of now changing systems, and lower than expected prices we ended up with much newer version of the same type of phone we already have.

Now that we're about 15 hours into our new phones and most of the key settings have been selected I think it is safe to say that we are both happy with the function of our new machines.  Of course, I'm not necessarily as pleased with technological/legal/moral implications of this decision.  Maybe in two years time (or more - if the hardware lasts/continues to be functional) I'll finally move away from this technology provider?

But, damn, they've done a very good job of making that a difficult decision to make.

Cameron - 10
Neil - 0

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