Saturday, February 14, 2015

Big bad snow storm?

So, for the first time this winter in Regina we've been warned that a snow storm may be on our way.  Of course, I thought it was supposed to start hours ago and presently it's just begun to snow lightly - so I'm not altogether what this says about the impact of the forecast storm.  Is it just a little late?

Of course, one of the things I find funny about this storm is that it is supposed to bring with it 10-15 cm of snow.  In other parts of the country this quantity of snow would hardly be worth noticing - particularly during a winter when the eastern portion of the continent has been hit repeatedly with more substantial blasts.

To be a little fairer to this region, even a relatively small amount of snow and wind can make driving, particularly highway driving, quite dangerous.  As there is almost nothing to stop snow from blowing once clear streets and highways can instantly, or so it seems, have snow patches that might impact the trajectory of one's vehicle.  Even days after a snowfall light and fluffy snow can be blown around in ways that are problematic for drivers.

What makes this storm particularly notable, though, is that it is supposed to be taking place while it is relatively cold (-21ish and with a windchill of -37ish).  Normally when it is this cold we don't get all that much snow - and we certainly don't have snowstorms in these conditions.

I guess we will just have to wait and see if the storm does materialize.

Cameron - 9
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