Saturday, February 07, 2015

Hot Podcast Cameo

A few weeks ago while listening to Backstory, a great American history podcast/radio show, I the against-character decision to provide requested listener feedback.  In this case, they were looking for advertising styles that they could use to create mock-up ads in the same style for the show.  I suggested the mid-20th century tobacco that featured advice from medical professionals about the benefits of smoking.

Much to my surprise, I was contacted by the show to say that they were hoping to go with my suggestion.  The only bummer is that they were hoping that I could call in to leave the suggestion as a phone message (I'd previously submitted the idea textually).

Somewhat begrudgingly, and with much uptalk and hesitancy, I left the requested message outlining my idea.

When I heard the show last week I was quite impressed with the segment that preceded my mocked up ad - it was about one of the individuals most responsible for this type of advertising.  I like to think that my suggestion not only lead to the mocked up ad, but also in the entire preceding segment.  I guess I could try and ask the producers of the show - but why risk it?

Anyway I recommend not only the episode in which I make an appearance, but the show generally - it is very well done (my only real frustration with the show is that a friend who applied for one of their producer positions was not hired).  I particularly looking forward to listening to this week's show about women in the workplace (as one of the stories is about the 'Rosies' - a in which my grandmother is a relatively proud and active member).

Cameron - 3
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