Sunday, February 01, 2015

Overdue updates

Wow, I've really let the various collections of links on this blog slide.  Some of them have been dead and I continued to let them stay.  Others had long over-stayed their welcome and had also been allowed to stay (I think that you didn't really need this blog to find the The Guardian's website).

For some reason a few years ago I added a widget that was supposed to import my hot YouTube vids and allow them to be viewed on this site.  In retrospect I don't know if it ever worked properly, but I know that as of this morning it was really not working.  It has also been removed.

I'm not sure that I'm yet inclined to dink with the relatively overall look of this blog.  While it's nothing flashy (and likely reeks of 2006) I don't think it's yet bad enough to merit a change.

Anyway, surely only the loyalist of loyal readers would be in a position to notice any of these changes and I suspect that my irregular posting has all but ensured that there aren't very many of you left.  For those of you that still remain, I hope you like the changes.

Cameron - 1
Neil - 0

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