Sunday, February 15, 2015

The calm after the storm

Just before dinner last night, and just after the snow had stopped falling, I went out to do a quick first round of shovelling.  I focused on the sidewalk in front of our house and the sidewalk in front of our two adjacent neighbours (and their respective front walks).  Amazingly, though this is the largest snow I've yet seen in Regina, I was able to take care of this all in about 20-30 minutes.  Despite the wind chill of about -35, when I came in my shirt and jacket were soaked with sweat.

Early this afternoon Jeannette and I went out to tackle the rest of the shovelling.  After quickly tidying the sidewalks of snow that blew in over night we tacked the driveway and then the side and back of the house.  Thanks to teamwork we were able to take care of all of our outstanding shovelling quite quickly.

Unfortunately, though some ploughing has occurred - even on our street - many of the streets are almost impassible.  I learned this the hard way while making a post-shovelling trip to the grocery store for cinnamon roll supplies (a treat promised to Jeannette as thanks for her shovelling assistance/we earned it).  Hopefully in the relatively near future they'll be able to hit a few more streets - it's definitely needed.

Cameron - 12
Neil - 0

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