Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Doyle Pitches

It seems that today I foolishly allowed myself to be sucked into wasting several hours on a new blog: Doyle Pitches.

The general premise of this blog is that it is a venue for unsolicited character and episode concepts for the Newfoundland PI drama Republic of Doyle.

As of right now I have roped Jeannette, Peter, and Neil into helping me come up with content for the site. Actually, I think some of it is pretty funny and some is close to plausible (at least in terms of actually being a Doyle episode).

Anyway, if you are interested it feel free to check it out (and/or subscribe to the RSS feed). Hopefully I will be able to keep myself under control tomorrow and not allow this site to completely sidetrack me.


Donald McKay said...

Agreed. You were sucked in to waste time.

Cameron said...

I think the initial gush of activity has passed.