Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Few Quick Notes 500

-We had another cold, clear winter's day today in Halifax. Fortunately, aside from a few quick trips outdoors, I was able spend most of my day out of the cold. It seems that we should be in for more of the same tomorrow.

-Jeannette and Rebecca (but mostly Jeannette) just talked me into baking some cupcake. Given my desire to procrastinate it didn't take long to talk me into the proposition. I am now waiting for them to cool before icing them. I must say, I am definitely looking forward to chomping down on one or two of these in just a few minutes (as this salad thing as meant that we basically haven't had dessert in a month).

-For dinner we had a roast chicken, baked potatoes, and boiled vegetables. I was pretty satisfied with the meal.

-The almost non-existent Canadian Library of Parliament website is a real bummer. I know they don't want to be bombarded with questions from the public, but it would at least be nice to be able to ask them questions about the documents and reports that they produce. It seems completely unreasonable that they don't even make readily available a contact email address or phone number (they give you only the general Parliament contact information).

-In preparation for my comps I have been trying out some ear plugs. I always find it funny how many different sounds I hear while sporting ear plugs. In many ways my jaw is almost as distracting as someone typing on the other side of the room.

-There seems to be some shouting going on somewhere behind our apartment building. Unfortunately it seems to be just far enough away that I can't quite make out what they are saying. That I can't figure it out is probably fine, it doesn't sound as though anything particularly nice is being said.

-So we now have 500 of these. In some ways I am surprised that there are this many and on the other hand I am a little surprised that it took me so many years to get to 500. It is also hard to believe that the blog has now existed in parts of at least 6 years. Who would have guessed that it would have such a long life-span when it was started all of those years ago? Also, who would have guessed that Neil would almost stop posting within a year or two?


Peter said...

Your blogoversary coincides nicely Harper's 5th grip-on-powerversary.

Rebecca said...

So Cameron, did you make 24 cupcakes? I hear that most mixes make 24 cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

I just realized that I have a Paula Deen box mix for her homestyle double chocolate chip cookes. They're pretty good, I do have to say. I've made them before.

I had no idea who Paula Deen was until I saw that she was the Grand Marshal of the Rose Bowl Parade this year. Apparently she's a fixture on some cable shopping channel or cooking channel such as you could see since you have cable and I can't see in as much as I don't.