Thursday, January 20, 2011

Citrus update

A few days ago I mentioned that I recently took advantage of a citrus sale and purchased a variety of citrus fruits. At the time I suggested that I might try to take a few photos of the fruits and post them here with comments about the consumption experience. As seems to be turning out, the comments about the fruits and the photos are now somewhat disconnected (though if you want to find my less than useful comments they are here).

And though it took me a few days, I am finally getting around to at least the photo part of the experience.

This first photo includes a number of the forms of citrus that I purchased during this citrus purchasing spree. From smallest to largest they are: sunburst tangerine (nasty and dry), blood orange (tangy, juicy, and excellent), ugli fruit (tangy and disconcertingly soft), grapefruit (delightfully tangy and juicy), and pomelo (relatively and verging on bland - definitely a tasty treat).

A few of the blood oranges I have purchased have been particularly purple, like the one pictured below, while others have been just tinged with purple at one end. Though I can't really tell if the stronger colours lead to a better flavour experience I do think I prefer it when the oranges are particularly dark.

Aren't you glad you stopped by today?

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