Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Few Quick Notes 499

-We had another cold, clear, and crisp day in Halifax today. In many ways this was a little surprising given how much precipitation we had yesterday.

-Earlier today I remembered that we are now just a few days away from our 3rd annual Montifax Blog-off. I think that I will have to re-jig the scoring system a little so that things will be skewed a little more to Neil's favour. At the moment I am even thinking of going back to the original 5 to 1 scoring system that we used in the first year. Anyway, check back in February for exciting blog-off action.

-We had another successful Ultimate game. Though we whittled down an 18 lead to only a 6 point lead, we did manage to hold on to the lead and win. It may be hard for us to bring our winning streak to 3 as we will be missing quite a number of players next week.

-I had another big salad for lunch today. As usual, I didn't waste any valuable salad space on leafy greens. Who wants leaf taking up space when they could just as easily have something with a little more substance in their bowl?

-I guess I should get back to work.

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