Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Few Quick Notes 497

-Though today started off in the -14 range, as time has passed the temperature has steadily risen. Though it is now -2 the temperature is predicated to reach a few degrees above freezing by later tonight. I have to agree with Environment Canada that this is "an abnormal temperature trend."

-Today I bought a few blood oranages (also known as moro oranges). I opted for the regular priced bulk oranges at $1.95 a pound instead of the on sale 2 pound bags at $4.49. I am not sure if I feel about about spotting the chance to save or bad for all the people who will be suckered into paying the higher price.

-I am currently studying and drinking some yerba mate with my new bombilla. The big problem with this set up seems to be that the ability of the metal bombilla to conduct heat makes drinking the beverage when warm a little unpleasant. Of course, if you like really hot metal tubes that squirt equally hot water into your mouth than this may be the set up for you.

-The Dalhousie libraries website is really unpleasant to use. It is so frustrating when it is clear that so much effort has been put into a project that takes one further away from the goal than they were when the started.

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