Thursday, January 20, 2011

An ever changing canvas

A few weeks ago I noticed that we had some new graffiti on the wall across from my bedroom. The blue and orange faces of a few months ago were now obscured by a relatively large white design accompanied by the word 'tweak.' As far as I was concerned, this was definitely a step backwards as far as my view was concerned. The mustachioed orange guy, in particular, was at least a little whimsical and amusing while the 'tweak' thing is just eight kinds of bland.

Anyway, it seems that the 'tweak' piece just wasn't meant to last. At some point last night more graffiti was added to the same patch of cement meaning that much of the recently added white piece has now been completely obscured. Given that we are now back to two faces I am curious if we in haven't had another visit from the same person who was so kind as to grace us with the blue and orange faces?

I guess I will just have to get used to the new view, though I probably shouldn't get too used to it as it is sure to change in the relatively near future.

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